RailStation was launched in the late 1990's and is currently being used by U.S. Olympic National Governing bodies for administrative, membership, tournament, league, ladder, results and rankings.  RailStation has been instrumental in reducing workloads for employees, volunteers and regional administrators, while generating excitement and growth for these sports communities in the United States. 

This application is an example of the latest Microsoft technology being used to provide robust, web-based data-entry and reporting functionality. 

The name of the software uses the term "rail" which is a Squash term for the shot that travels straight along the left or right side walls of the court from the front wall to the back wall.

Global Features of RailStation include:

  • Web-based, password-protected data entry and maintenance
  • Supports multiple user groups securely, including players, league administrators, and league team captains
  • Handles multiple associations within NGB
  • Immediate "real-time" player ratings using official rating algorithms-including ranking drill down by player
  • For all NGB specific sporting events, handles multiple game types: singles, doubles, teams, elimination and consol draws
  • Banner Ad revenue generator
  • Archives historical results and more...

Membership Module (Individuals and Clubs):

  • Data conversion & data base set-up
  • Group E-Mailing including Captains, Current members, League Participants, Expiring Members, Club Contacts and more...
  • Online credit card registration for membership, player and club profile management
  • RailStation Iframes available for all processes
  • Membership & Club: complete financial and accounting reports
  • Club management & maintenance portal-cash collection reporting
  • Membership processing, login page
  • Privilege levels and logins-for all levels of administration

League Module:

  • Scheduling, Roster Building Match Results Recording
  • Reports including Team Standings, Individual Rankiings, Match Results, League Schedules, Prior Season Results, Captains' Reports, and League Rules
  • Notes, Dynamic Web Blog editor and Rules Posting

Tournaments Module:

  • Doubles, Singles and Teams
  • Graphical draw building interface, including ability to determine seeds manually or automatically
  • Match time and venue maintenance
  • Autoscheduling features
  • Automatic Court Schedule reports generated instantly
  • Graphical display of draws and ease of printing draws by single draw or batch printing on standard 8 1/2 x 11paper
  • Automatic consolation and round robin draw build including feed-ins
  • Match results recording "real-time"
  • Reports including Start Times and Tournament Results
  • "Real-Time" tournament or event schedule with URL links, PDF or Word document entry form access and direct link to event on web for results and latest event info

Ladders Module:

  • Graphical display of pyramid and box ladders-radio button selection structure
  • Graphical ladder building interface with the player rosters
  • Individual Player Reports
  • Match results recording
  • Notes, Dynamic Web Blog editor and Rules Posting

Financial Control Module:

  • Journal Entry
  • Credit card charge and credit processing
  • Cash settlement
  • Application of payments to open transactions
  • Credit card transaction control
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Membership activity
  • Administrative privilege controls
  • Event financial analyses