BCI provides a unique combination of administrative services to help your organization achieve it's objectives through low-cost web software and services.

The web-based software modules can be tailored to any organization.  During the past 13 years, we have focused on providing services to the National Governing Bodies (NGB's) affiliated with the United States Olympic Committee.  Various NGB's have outsourced it's membership, financial, ratings and rankings, leagues, tournaments and ladder processes to BCI. 

Railstation software is designed with the small organization in mind.  The approach is to streamline redundant operational tasks that may be labor intensive and are best suited to a relational data base structure.  This approach helps the small organization focus on growth potential and core business processes, such as finding the next Olympic team member.

Through our web service, the organization is able to access immediate updates to their data through the internet pages.  The user only needs a computer and and a digital/cable high speed connection to the internet to access the site.

Data entry is done through the web site and saved to the Data Base which is located on a secured co-located server.  The data is continually backed up in a number of ways, on separated hard drives, tape media and local machines.